Jake Posey is an Artist operating in the Red River Valley of North Dakota. Since seeking instruction at The Atelier Studio Program of Fine Art in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Posey has continued to draw, paint, and sculpt naturalistic portraits and figurative works in a variety of mediums.

Artist’s Statement:

“Without artists like Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio or Adam Kubert, I may not have been inspired to become the type of artist that I am today. I owe much to them as well as to my teachers and fellow students at the Atelier. Realizing creative ideas and capturing the beauty and significance of the world around me is a constantly rewarding experience, and is what keeps me making. Beyond any kind of creative or intellectual expression, the satisfaction from capturing the likenesses of loved ones has irreplaceable value to me. If I can share that experience through either portraiture or teaching, that’s what I aim to do, and to maybe inspire someone else in the same way that I was inspired.”

-Jake Posey

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